Meet our Donkeys



Born to a rescued mother. Sister to Ziggy. She shows us how loving and confident donkeys, who have not suffered abuse, can be.



Handsome large dark brown donkey, one of our most fearful rescued cases. He is slowly learning to trust humans.



Dark brown mare, very friendly, with huge pads of fat on her body. Overfed by her previous rescuers in an attempt to compensate for her dreadful past .



A handsome lad with a beautiful broad cross on his back. Very confident and loves being photographed !



Shaggy long - haired foal, rescued from a "petting zoo" covered in filth. She has bounced back after rehabilitation and is now very friendly and inquisitive.


Dowwe Dolla

dowwe dollas

Glamorous young mare, dark brown (winter) / black (in summer) with long blonde hair in ears and mane, in her mid - teens, rescued from horrible circumstances.



Young light brown donkey with a beautiful dark cross on her back. Signed over to us after her owners realised they did not have the time or skills to care for her.



Dark brown donkey with a roll of fat on her neck – was overfed to be slaughtered for lion food – still very wary of humans .



Badly neglected, she had barbed wire caught up around one hind leg. About 7 years old, our largest donkey with the biggest ears. From being evasive and cautious, she has developed into a friendly and loving donkey.

Hansel & Gretel

hansel gretel

Found severely neglected in a forest on a wine estate, desperate for attention. They are about four years old now. Gretel is the darker one. They are happy and playful, as young donkeys should be

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Popeye came to us with serious foot problems. He has only one eye. He has responded well to corrective farriery and a better diet. He is a wonderful companion to sweet old Bella.


Confiscated together with Ziggy from a petting zoo near Paarl with his mother, whilst still drinking from her. After weaning KitKat came to live with us. Pretty sturdy little brown/grey donkey with zebra stripes on his legs.

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Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary provides a permanent refuge for abused, neglected and elderly donkeys.

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